Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personality Profile

Photo by Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina

Name: Lance Cpl. Zachary W. Varga

Unit: CLB-13, "Lucky 13"

Home Town: Riverside, Calif.

Job Title: Supply Clerk

Varga pokes his head out of a
storage container after retrieving
a box stashed deep inside.

Why did you join the Marine Corps? "I wanted to join the Marine Corps after I noticed a commercial on TV. I wanted to be in the avionics field, I thought it would be cool to work on planes and helicopters."

What do you do in the Marine Corps? "My job is receiving and issuing items to sections of CLB-13. Every day is different because everyone has different needs.”

What are some of your hobbies when you are not at work? "I'm interested in rock climbing, I wanted to start some sort of rock climbing event here on ship...maybe some sort of slack lining."

The overall mission for CLB-13 supply is to provide support to the entire 13th MEU with various materials including military clothing, gear, meals ready-to-eat (MREs), petroleum, oils and lubricants, and repair parts.

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