Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiger Cruise 2009 information

see last FAQ for information on USS New Orleans and USS Comstock Tiger Cruise

Download USS Boxer application package here:
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USS Boxer Tiger Cruise Participant Package (PDF File)

USS Boxer Tiger Cruise Participant Package (Word File)

Q: How do I apply? Are there any restrictions?
A: Any family member of a 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit Marine or Sailor is invited to participate in Tiger Cruise 2009, provided they are not the sponsor’s spouse or significant other, are at least 8 years of age, and are not pregnant. Once the registration and medical screening forms are complete, with no items for concern, pre-approval will be authorized. Upon pre-approval, USS BOXER will begin forwarding information to you concerning the Tiger Cruise. Final approval will occur during embarkation in Hawaii.When Tigers arrive in Hawaii and prior to embarkation of BOXER, Tigers will check-in with their sponsors. Check-in will entail a final and personal review of application and medical forms where Tigers will update information (as required) and provide final signature. If there is a medical problem or application discrepancy, Tigers may not be permitted to complete the Tiger Cruise, so it is important the Sponsor completes all forms accurately during the pre-registration process. BOXER is permitting pre-registration and pre-approval process in order to provide Tigers a quick turnaround which facilitates early travel arrangements, so please assist us with accurate and early information. This information is critical to ensuring a safe and enjoyable event onboard USS BOXER.

Q: How much will this cost?
A: The Tiger is responsible for arranging transportation to Hawaii as well as any lodging expenses you incur while in San Diego or Hawaii. Additionally, each Tiger will incur expenses of approximately $100, which will include all meals, a Tiger Cruise 2009 T-shirt, and other BOXER items. Payments will be collected upon your arrival to ship. Please remember to bring CASH. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or credit cards.

Q: What about hotel and travel arrangements to meet the ship?
A: It is the responsibility of the Tiger to book hotels out in town if they desire, however, all Tigers will be given the option of staying on board USS BOXER the night before departure if they so desire.The Tiger Cruise Committee will arrange transportation from a designated location to the ship the night before and the morning of departure.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: Please download and review the "What To Bring/What Not To Bring" document in the participant package.

Q: Where will I meet the ship?
A: The Tiger will meet the ship at Naval Base, Hawaii, which is located in Pearl Harbor. We will have ship’s representatives standing by at the main gate to help you check onboard.

Q: What can I expect to do while onboard?
A: While onboard, you can expect to experience the numerous activities your Sailors and Marines perform on a daily basis. You will see the Combat Systems equipment in operation, the Engineering Plant which drives our ship through the water, an Air Demonstration with our embarked Marine Harriers and Helicopters, and Landing Craft Operations, as well as the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation-sponsored activities your Sailors and Marines partake in to have a good time!

Q: What if my Marine or Sailor is on the USS New Orleans or USS Comstock?
A: Each ship is coordinating their Tiger Cruises separately, though most of the information above is applicable for everyone.

For USS Comstock Tiger Cruise questions, please visit http://http://www.comstock.navy.mil/Site%20Pages/TigerCruise.aspx

For USS New Orleans Tiger Cruise questions, please visit http://www.new-orleans.navy.mil/Site%20Pages/family.aspx

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