Friday, July 3, 2009

Tiger Cruise FAQ **UPDATE**

How do I know if my Tiger Cruise Package was received? How do I confirm my registration?
Contact your sponsor or Unit Tiger Cruise Rep.

Who is my Unit Tiger Cruise Rep?

For USS Boxer:

- Command Element: Sgt Carter Hilton =

- HMM-163 (REIN): Capt Jeremy Dohoney =

- CLB-13: LT Angela Roldan-Whitaker =

- BLT 1/1: Staff Sergeant Jon Knight =

For USS Comstock:

For USS New Orleans:

Is the Medical Screening complete?
Yes. The Medical Officers have reviewed all Medical Questionnaires, and only a few Tigers were denied participation. The Medical staff’s decision to deny participation is never easy, but safety and availability of care is the primary concern. Everyone denied participation has already been contacted in person.

If I was medically unqualified for the Tiger Cruise, may I still participate in the Mini-Tiger Cruise on 31 July to 1 August?
In most cases, yes! Please contact your sponsor to enroll.

When must I embark on USS Boxer/Comstock/New Orleans in Hawaii?
23 July. No earlier; no later. Registration aboard ship is tentatively scheduled between 1000 (10:00 AM) and 2100 (9:00 PM) on 23 July. Please coordinate any late arrivals in advance with your sponsor. Tigers must spend the night on-ship on 23 July. Unfortunately, no boarding will be permitted on 24 July.

What if I arrive to Hawaii before 23 July, may I embark early?
Unfortunately, no.

Should I arrive to Hawaii before 23 July, will my Marine or Sailor be permitted to stay at my hotel with me?
The intent is to maximize the opportunity for you and your sponsor to spend time together in Hawaii. Please coordinate directly with your sponsor for details and his/her duty schedule.

I understand that Marines operate in buddy teams while participating in off-ship “liberty”. As a spouse, parent, friend, or family member, must my Marine/Sailor still be paired up with another Marine/Sailor on liberty? Or can I be my Marine or Sailor's liberty “buddy”?
The intent is to permit Marines to participate in liberty with their family and friends without a fellow Marine. Subject to approval from your Marine’s leadership.

Once in Hawaii, how do I find the ship? What do I do?
Most importantly, maintain continuous contact with your sponsor. They will be able to provide the most up-to-date information on ship schedules, pier assignments, and the registration process. The USS Boxer/Comstock/New Orleans will be docked at Pearl Harbor. Transportation plans to ship and base access at Pearl Harbor for Tigers are still being coordinated. Please review this FAQ regularly to check for updates.

Will transportation be available upon off-load of USS Boxer/Comstock/New Orleans at Camp Pendleton on 31 July?
Tentatively, yes. The transportation plan is still being coordinated for Camp Pendleton, Miramar, and Yuma, AZ. Please review this FAQ regularly to check for updates.

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