Friday, June 12, 2009

EOD strengthen relations with regional partners

The following article was submitted by Staff Sgt. Andrew K. Kral, explosive ordinance disposal technician for Combat Logistics Battalion 13, highlighting experiences while conducting training in the Middle East.

From 22 May – 28 May, U.S. Navy and Marines Corps servicemembers and regional partners conducted Exercise Nautical Union ‘09 at a country in the Middle East.

Nautical Union is a combined naval surface, maritime air and EOD exercise to improve maritime capability and enhance interoperability with regional partners. Staff Sgt. Andrew K. Kral, Staff Sgt. Jacky R. Brewer and Hospitol Corps Men 2nd Class Andrew A. Baust from Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) section of Combat Logistics Battalion 13, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit provided the EOD support for the event.

The land-based EOD training focused on EOD missions and capabilities, improvised explosive device (IED) defeat tools and techniques, Combat Lifesaver first aid, unexploded ordnance identification and render safe procedures, and specialized demolitions charges. Thirteenth MEU EOD and regional partners conducted scenario training that encompassed the spectrum of EOD tools and capabilities. The scenario included the use of bombsuits, explosives detectors, Hook and Line techniques, disruption tools, and specialized charges to locate, access, remotely move and render safe improvised explosive devices placed inside a vehicle.

The EOD team also gave a brief on their mission and specialized equipment. Hospital Corpsmen 2nd class Baust gave Combat Lifesaver first aid classes on blast injuries, hemorrhage control, burns, airway control and first aid gear followed by practical application using medical gear.

Classes were given on Landmine Identification, functioning, detection and render safe procedures. This was followed by a practical application exercise where the techs had to locate, uncover and clear an anti-tank mine of booby traps. Afterwards, the EOD techs received a class on mortar recognition, functioning and render safe procedures.

Training culminated with live-fire of four specialized EOD charges on the demolitions range and certificate presentation to the participating EOD techs. Exercise Nautical Union strengthened relations with our regional partners and provided an exchange of knowledge of techniques and operational experience, as well as sharpening skills over a variety of disciplines.

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