Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soccer in the Middle East

Editor's Note:
The following event took place during the USS Boxer's last training and wash down event in the Middle East. The following text is a summery of the soccer game from one of the participants.

"Good day to all,
As you know, yesterday [8 June] we played an exhibition soccer match against [our regional partners]. It was a well fought match, but in the end we came up a little short (8 to 9). The 13th MEU made a strong showing despite the loss: A loss that was dwarfed by the excitement surrounding the soccer match. There was a strong crowd that supported both teams with shouts of Arabic mantras, Oley Oleys, and "go defensive." The "GO SHORT" supporters (had to be there) were in full effect, and significantly contributed to the spirit of the event. In the end, while we came up a little short for the win, we were long on a good time and comradeship. Thanks to all those that came out and supported us.
- 1st Lt. Ryan Martin

Photos by Cpl. Robert C. Medina

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